Criteria for Entry

Below are the steps for nomination and entry and the criteria by which all entries are judged. The FAQ page may provide additional insight into the process, or you may direct questions to


Eligibility. Prospective nominees are companies that have demonstrated a commitment to high ethical standards and corporate responsibility by the way they deal with all relevant stakeholders.

The categories for the 2018 program have expanded and are now include entries from for-profit, non-profit and governmental entities.

Entrant companies must have headquarters located in Collin, Dallas or Ellis county, and must also have a business history of at least five years.

Private or public companies of any size may enter the award process. Prospective nominees should be companies that have demonstrated a commitment to high ethical standards and corporate responsibility by the way they deal with their customers, their employees, their suppliers and the public at large.

Nomination. A company may be nominated for consideration by a customer, client, employee, consultant, vendor, or may self-nominate.  A nomination should include the name of a contact person and phone number to reach both the nominator and the nominee and must be received by the GDBEA before entry may be considered.

Entry. Upon receiving nominations, the GDBEA will confirm and provide the nominee with access to the official submission site. Nominated companies are required to complete the questions and provide documentation of ethics in action at their company.  The GDBEA provides guidance and instruction sessions, at no charge, for those submitting for the award.

Categories: Companies entering the competition will be judged in one of three categories based on type of business and further categorized by the number of employees:

Business Type

  • For Profit Business Enterprise 
  • Not-For-Profit Organization 
  • Governmental Organization

Business Size

  • Micro – consists of 10 or fewer employees
  • Small – consists of 11 – 50 employees
  • Midsize – consists of 51 – 250 employees
  • Large – consists of 251 – 750 employees
  • Mega – consists of 751 or more employees

Peer Judging: Entrants are judged by an independent panel representing the business, academic, public service, and consulting communities in North Texas. The judging criteria are stringent and listed below:

  • A clear demonstration of the company’s executive commitment to ethics as demonstrated by speeches or other correspondence and communications from the CEO and other senior officers to employees and/or customers.
  • The company’s story as it relates to a culture of strong business ethics is a key criterion.
  • A corporate code of ethics, credo, code of conduct, mission statement or philosophy which demonstrates the company’s requirement for honesty, integrity and compliance with the law in all business dealings. An ethics policy or corporate philosophy that is unique and deserving of recognition is a key criterion.
  • Clear communication of the company’s ethical standards, corporate culture and its expectations of employees in company publications, employee handbooks, training courses and other materials. An indication of how employees are measured for ethical business conduct, and how their compensation is tied to ethical conduct.
  • A clear indication that employees throughout the organization understand and accept the company’s ethical standards as indicated by survey results or internal audits.
  • A means for employees, customers and other parties to bring ethical problems or conflicts to the attention of management and a mechanism for resolution that ensures fair and consistent treatment of the parties involved. Specific examples of how this mechanism is used by employees and other company constituents and information on outcomes of ethical problems or conflicts is a key criterion.
  • A narrative description of business ethics in action as demonstrated by the company’s response to a specific challenge affecting its operations or its industry, or by evidence of how ethical decision-making is a part of the company’s everyday operations, philosophy and culture.
  • A consistently high quality of products and services, business and production practices, including demonstrated awareness of environmental impact, if appropriate.
  • A corporate commitment to providing a work environment that is safe, free from harassment or inappropriate discriminatory behavior of any kind, and that fosters growth and opportunity.
  • A community commitment that is demonstrated by involvement in local, regional and/or national issues, corporate philanthropy, support of civic and charitable endeavors through foundation grants, and/or contributions or gifts of time and materials.

Student Site Visit: Student candidates from the Posey Leadership Institute at Austin College, visit the CEO, query and  interact with employees and stakeholders of  each entrant for the award. Information gathered is shared with the Peer Judging Panel and weighed in the final assessment.

Verification. The judges and organizers reserve the right to independent verification of entrant information and claims made in any company’s submission materials.

Please review the FAQ page for more information. If you still have questions please contact us directly via mail, phone or email.

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